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GO-STOW is still alive!

Despite the fact that we are not directly present any longer in Stow itself we still receive numerous requests from tourists and people who plan to visit Stow on the Wold. We are happy to help where ever possible! And if we can't we usually know somebody who can...


Posted: 29 Mar 2017 in General; 0 comments

Thank you for the flowers!

We receive so many very positive feedbacks from happy GO-STOW visitors but we just had a family in bringing Sue a bunch of flowers as a big “thank you” for a booking Sue did at Corsham Field Farmhouse near Stow. They were full of praise, great B&B, great location, great hosts, just fantastic! Thank you very much for your feedback Mr and Mrs Wesley and son.


Posted: 27 Jul 2012 in General; 0 comments

How to remember a PIN number?

When it comes to pay for a purchase with a credit or debit card people often start to fumble in their handbag and pockets to find the PIN code. Not so a nice family man from the USA who recently came to GO-STOW: Totally unexpected he lifted his leg and put his shoe onto the desk and guess where his PIN code was: written on the sole if his shoe! Well, who would have guessed that?


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Yogi Bear visits GO-STOW

A couple visited GO-STOW yesterday and of course we started chatting with them. It turned out that they visited Switzerland and were impressed about the bear cache in Bern, Switzerland's capital. And suddenly the shop went mad...this gentleman imitated Yogi Bear and Boo Boo (his innocent son) to perfection! ("Boo Boo, it's about time I introduce myself to this picnic basked!"). The laughter at GO-STOW...customers will remember...! The most friendly Visitor Centre in the Cotswolds.


Posted: 20 Jun 2012 in General; 0 comments


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